19th Aug, 2016

Looking Better Wearing Less


It’s that time again - winter is saying goodbye, and spring is calling. Yes, we will still get some cold days, but the sunshine hours are getting longer and daylight savings isn’t far away.
Traditionally this time of year we want to start wearing less clothes as the days warm up. Many of us want to tone up and lose some weight. So what is the best way in the gym to go about looking great for summer?

  1. Measure your progress to keep yourself motivated and make sure what you are doing is working. The scales are not usually the best way to monitor progress if you are trying to lose body fat. The tape measure or fitting into clothes that have been too tight are the best ways to monitor progress.
  2. Come regularly. You need to do some exercise every day to burn those extra kilos that you don’t want. In general do a mix of cardio and strength training sessions.
  3. Keep your workouts intense. A 30 minute intense work out is better than an easy hour. This keeps your metabolic rate higher for longer after you have finished your work out, burning more calories. Make sure with your workouts that you get hot and sweaty.
  4. With every work out you do make sure you give yourself a goal of beating your personal best by a couple of reps, or lifting extra weight or run that 5km a little faster.
  5. Eat a balanced diet that includes lean meat or nutrient and protein vegetarian equivalent, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid processed and fried foods, or foods with a high fat content or packed with empty carbs. Keep away from the chocolate and fizzy drink isle in the super market. Drink plenty of water.
  6. Don’t always do the same old training work out. Mix it up. Change your reps, sets, and the exercises you are doing. Remember if you don’t change anything, the chances are your body not going to change either.
  7. Try doing some classes, or personal training, to get motivation. With classes you not only get motivation from the instructor, but also from the rest of the class. With personal training you are getting accountability and motivation and a work out that you probably wouldn’t do yourself, if left to your own devices.
  8. Start your training now, rather than leave it till October or November. There are always lots of Christmas parties in December, so try and reach your goals by 1 December.
  9. Remember you can only eat what you buy. So stop buying junk food.