Eat Clean Train Mean (ECTM)

A popular programme free for our members, with a timely spring beginning. 

With the approaching warm weather, often our focus is to reduce body fat, so to look and feel great over summer. 

This requires a commitment by you to regular exercise and clean eating habits over the 12 week programme

We support your efforts by:

  • Encouraging your regular participation in suitable exercise classes, or where these don't suit you, guiding you through exercises that will help you succeed in your goals

  • Assessing your dietry intake and offering feedback on areas where you could improve.  This requires you keeping a food diary which creates awareness and accountability - two very essential motivating facors in the journey to body fat reduction

  • Assessing your progress with four separate body fat measurements taken throughout the programme to encourage your commitment

  • Having a physical goal at the end of the programme to work hard towards.  And also celebrating our efforts and successes at our end of year party that very same day!

Our members have had great results with ECTM, with many keeping their great habits for an ongoing healthy lifestyle

Please contact us to express your interest in securing a place in this popular programme