Getting Results

Getting the results you want from the gym is a mix of being consistent with your workouts, which could include gym sessions, classes and personal training.  If you want to reach your health and fitness goals in the shortest amount of time possible, looking, feeling and performing exactly the way you imagined, there are a few things you need to consider.

Your Commitment

Making the decision to improve any area of your health, fitness or sports performance is the start. Making it happen is where your commitment, and our help, kicks in. You need to be able to commit to showing up, following the training and/or eating programme we develop for you and seeing it through till the end, even if you hit a wall now and then. This is where having a personal trainer to help you through can help keep you on track, but you have to do the work.

Our Commitment

When you train with our personal trainers, they become your partner in your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be. They will be there to motivate and support you, to offer advice and encouragement, to provide humour and understanding, and if you need it, to push you beyond where you think your limits are to where they know you can reach.

In our classes, the instructor will encourage you to push yourself and get as much mileage as possible out of each session.

Our Approach

Getting the results you want begins with sitting down and talking with you about where you are now, and the sort of results you want to see.  We'll complete a health and fitness assessment, and then help you set realistic goals. Whether those are for better health, increased fitness, lifting your sports performance, or a multitude of other possibilities, we will make sure the training approach recommended is able to deliver the results you want.

The type of exercise you will be given and frequency of training recommended will be determined by your current level of fitness.  We advocate a body functional approach to exercise, which means less machine based exercises and more focus on natural and correct body movements.

We recommend you get reassessed regularly to ensure you stay on track to getting the results you want.