Lisa Beck

Completed the London Marathon in 2011

I started running when I was 30kg overweight. About 18 months later I had lost most of that 30kg and ran my first marathon - managing by some miracle to get through without injuries. 

Soon after this I discovered how lucky I had been that first time, as I started battling with injuries.  This is when I started training with Clay Mosen. 

To run those sorts of miles you need your whole body to be fit and strong.  I discovered pretty quickly that after 20 years of being overweight and doing no serious exercise, my core strength was pretty much non-existent.  We set off on a programme to strengthen my core, while also strengthening the muscles that drive and support the muscles and joints that are used in running. 

After a lot of hard work we managed to get me to the start-line of the London Marathon in April and with not as much running but a LOT more strength and good advice, I managed to make it to the finish line in one piece AND a reasonable time. 

Thanks Clay for all your hard work and advice!