Lynaire Monnery

I trained with Clay for more than 4 years and can honestly say that his passion for his chosen profession means that any training session with him will be a fun, challenging, motivating, rewarding experience - and never repetitive!

I have never seen anybody put such an emphasis on actually having his training sessions planned in advance. Even bad weather conditions or limited space do not restrict his talents for coming up with fantastic ways of pushing your body to its limits, and testing your own body's endurance and strength.

His clever, witty humour and the sparkle in his eye means that even group sessions where nobody knows each other can become something that everybody looks forward to.  As you see your body changing shape and your fitness improving you  know he knows exactly what he is going. And if you are lucky enough to enjoy one on one training with him he always knows exactly how hard to push you and what exercise regime really works for you.

In his capacity as a Personal Trainer, his wealth of knowledge on food, nutrition, injury and in fact, anything related to training and fitness, is second to none. You can ask his advice on any aspect of training and find that his reply is sound, sensible and always practical.

When I was training with Clay I was fitter that I have ever been in my life and exercising has never been so much fun. I am so disappointed he doesn't come into Wellington anymore and I miss the weekly training.

If you live on the Kapiti Coast, you are so lucky - make time to train with this man!