Fun, supportive and effective personal training 

Sometimes achieving your health and fitness goals requires help and motivation from a great personal trainer.

Whether your goal is to reduce body fat and tone up, improve your strength and ensurance or just your general fitness, reach peak performance in your chosen sports field or achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we will partner with you to get the results you want.

If you are an athlete or sports team looking for improved performance and more wins, please talk to us about how our personal trainers can help you lift your game.

One on One Training

There are many things you might want from your personal trainer - motivation, skill development, someone to push you to reach levels you would not reach on your own ... the options are endless. more

Small Group Training

Group training gives you access to a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.  You'll get a friendly, entertaining, motivating, effective and safe group training session. You can get a group of friends together who want to share a trainer, or sometimes we can slot you into an existing group, or match you up with others who want to train in this way.more

Our Trainers

We're fortunate at The Achievement Room to have experienced and knowledegeable personal trainers available to help you with all your health and fitness goals. They're available for one off sessions eg. to get a new programme, or for a couple of training sessions just to get you kickstarted.  You can also use them as an ongoing, motivational trainer to keep your workouts exciting and challenging and to get those results faster!

Meet our team...

Clay Mosen, Personal Trainer/Group Trainer

I’ve been fortunate to have trained a diverse range of clients during the 25 years I've been a Personal Trainer. From people who’ve never exercised before through to experienced athletes competing at international level; from children/adolescents to people with special needs; from those wanting to reduce body fat to sports competition/event training...

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 Jackie McLean, Personal Trainer/Group Trainer

I am passionate about creating workouts that are varied and fun and designing programmes to achieve your needs and goals.  I have a strong pilates and rehabilitation base. I am core and posture focused, understanding the need to train not only the big muscle groups but those often overlooked muscles assisting them.  And because of this I have seen big gains in strength and mobility with many of my clients... 

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Niki Roulston, Personal Trainer/Group Trainer

My philosophy is that anyone can train!  With a background in strength and rehabilitation exercise and the mindset of an athlete, my passion is to help clients experience the benefits training has to offer and reach their goals whilst preventing injury...

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We have some great classes during the week to supplement your training programme, come and check them out.

Customised training sessions are available to sports teams, corporates and school groups. 

If you would like to know more about this please call our office on (04) 293 6633 or send us an email.